"The Red Feather News" is an in-house circulating newsletter by the residents of The Singapore Cheshire Home. It is produced, at least twice yearly, by the residents with a little help and support from the Social Worker and the Administrative staff of the Home when needed.

The newsletter was initiated in 1996 "to encourage in all ways possible as a stimulating interest for the residents."

Articles on activities, personalities, life experiences and any other news of special interest to the residents, staff, volunteers and friends of the Cheshire Home are reported and shared in the newsletter, along with regular features, such as a column "From The Editor" and "Newsflash!". Our "Newsflash!" is meant to highlight some extraordinary events; by no means should it be taken as a complete report of activities happening in the Home.

The Editorial Team exercises its own discretion in the selection of quotes, pictures, and any other relevant material used as fillers.

We hope you’ll find reading “The Red Feather News” a pleasure.

Latest Issue: Issue #35 - Sep 2016

We may be negatively affected by things of the world not within our control, but we must not concede defeat by being negative in return. If we choose to live and act responsibly, we can turn around and affect the world positively. In so doing, we are steering our direction towards a better future for ourselves and for all.